Camila Loew, Founder and CEO, is the daughter and grand-daughter of intercontinental migrants, and has spent about a third of her life among three different countries (Argentina, US, and Spain). Her cooking style can be described as Mediterranean and produce-focused.

In addition to running Sobremesa, Camila teaches at culinary schools all around the San Francisco Bay Area: Bauman College (Berkeley), The Cooking School at Cavallo Point (Sausalito), 18 Reasons (SF) and Ramekins (Sonoma).

Camila holds a Ph.D. in Humanities and is a certified Nutrition Consultant. She cooks daily for her family of four. When she's not in the kitchen, you can probably find her riding her bike around Berkeley.


Sobremesa's culinary tours are led by Camila herself, who takes pride and pleasure in extensive research to plan the best possible experience for you.

The expert team of Sobremesa leads small, exclusive groups of foodie travelers on carefully curated trips, packed with food-related fun. We believe that food is a wonderful gateway into a new culture, and we love sharing the experience with our guests.

Activities include: cooking classes led by our team and local chefs we collaborate with; market visits; excursions to fascinating and beautiful places, both cultural and edible; and meals at some of our favorite local restaurants and cafés.